Tractor Tom - 48 Two Harvesters (full episode - English)

09 Sep 2016 10:45 252
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Buzz is keen to show Fi how useful he can be and poor Wheezy doesn’t have the confidence to get down to the field. He eventually plucks up the courage and even makes a new friend…

The wheat was ready to be harvested on Springhill Farm but Wheezy wasn’t quite feeling himself and had spent so much recent time in the barn that he didn’t feel like coming out. Rev and Tom try to encourage Wheezy out of the farm but by the time they get to the field, Fi has already brought in Farmer Allsop’s harvester Roly. In the mean time Buzz is working very hard to carry all the hay bails into the yard because he is determined to show Fi what a good worker he is. Roly is also determined, determined to harvest the field instead of Wheezy. It is only when Roly’s fuel runs out that he realises he is not so tough. Wheezy offers Roly some of his fuel and with the two new friends working together – the field is harvested in no time!

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Tractor Tom lives on Springhill Farm with Farmer Fi, Farmhand Matt and lots of friends.

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