Vlog #4: BIRTHDAY VLOG! Family, Dinner, and Black Panther

02 Mar 2018 14:58 18
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I turned 29! Initially, I wanted to wear yellow for my 29th birthday. When I found out it was Black Panther weekend, I went with all black instead and my coat came through for me with the yellow anyway! The reason for the yellow: Every 29 years, Saturn returns to the exact same spot where it was when we were born. The significance of this is Saturn represents change and lessons learned. I'm not big into astrology, but tying this in with the yellow (which symbolizes joy, optimism, and positivity), I'm just really looking forward to seeing what this 29th year has to offer. Prayerfully, this year brings positive changes, lessons that bring joy, and all that wrapped in optimism. (I swear I live in the clouds and I'm not always in touch with reality. LOL!)

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