Homemade Gun: 9mm Folding Pack Rifle

11 Mar 2017 32:26 1,041
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Sorry, all, had to edit & re-upload thanks to Youtube demonetizing. Also, as you can see in the thumbnail image, I finally got the rifle Cerkoted! It is Sniper grey & black.

In this video, I'll be covering in some detail the 9mm version of my ultralight folding pack rifle design. A bit heftier than the .22, it still came in at just 3.52 pounds empty, has a 15 round capacity with stock Diamondback DB9FS magazines, and can use slightly modified Beretta 92 mags. The most unique feature of this rifle is probably that I was able to get a blowback 9mm rifle to function with all types of ammunition using a bolt less than half the recommended weight for the cartridge. Did this one in my spare time over 16 days.

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