GTA V - Ultimate Color Guide #5 | Best Colors Combos for Zentorno

20 May 2014 06:28 1,074
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The long awaited episode 5 of GTA V Ultimate Color Guide! Today i go over some of what i think are the best color combinations and paint jobs to make your new Pegassi Zentorno look amazing!


[0:47] Tron Car
Primary: Midnight Purple, Ice White pearl
Secondary: Crew Color

[1:35] Green Lantern
Primary: Midnight Blue, Lime Green pearl
Secondary: Lime Green

[2:16] Fast n' Furious
Primary: Bluish Silver
Secondary: Red

[3:03] Matte Black Theme
Primary: Matte Black
Secondary: Almost Any Bright Color eg, Lime Green,
Red, Sunrise Orange, Crew Color

[3:50] Fireball
Primary: Lava Red, Race Yellow
Secondary: Race Yellow

[4:27] Pikachu
Primary: Race Yellow
Secondary: Matte Black

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