Socioeconomic, Policy and Ethical Implications of Mars Human Exploration

06 Oct 2017 01:01:40 12
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What are the implications for going to Mars? This hangout will cover the details!

Human travel to and exploration of Mars presents many challenges. So far, we
addressed the physical and environmental risks to the explorers and settlers. Novel
technologies are changing our way of life and will impact the societal and economic
pathways of the exploration Solar System. Progress in AI and genetic engineering will
become part of the exploration, resource utilization and the search for life beyond the
confines of our biosphere. Ethics of planetary engineering, international agreements,
planetary protection and related US legislation will become an important aspect of the
way we move forward.

Join Tony Darnell, Harley Thronson and Alberto Conti as they continue addressing
with Francesca Schroeder (Fish and Richardson), Arnauld Nicogossian (George Mason
University), Charles Doarn (University of Cincinnati), and Catharine A. Conley (NASA
Planetary Protection Officer) socioeconomic and ethical challenges of living and
working on the Moon and Mars.

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