Rupaul's Drag Race: Season 9 RU-CAP (Patreon Teaser)

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It's coming!

I've been encouraged to make a Patreon. I don't like asking for money. I'd like to say I'm a cheap queen, but the sad reality is I am a 22 year old British boy with 3 jobs, two of which are freelance, and when I need to be paying them bills and paying them bitches no mind, unfortunately my Ru-Caps are shuffled to the bottom of the pile, often meaning new episodes are released months between each other.

Here's what I want to do.

I would Absolut-ly love to make a Ru-Cap series for Rupaul's Drag Race Season 9.
These are not affiliated with WOW, Logo, or even Blaze Amaze's Ru-Up series, but I have received such positive and overwhelming feedback on the episodes attention to detail what the fuck and quality, I believe they are more than enough to stand on their own.

We don't know the Ru-Veal date yet, but I anticipate the first episode to be released early March. This will be updated when I have more information!

I'm going to be making the series regardless, and I don't want people to think I now won't work for free or whatever, but any support I receive through this page will actually ensure I can post new episodes to a regular fortnightly(ish) schedule whilst maintaining a high quality, instead of my current schedule during All Stars 2 where I've only been able to post months at a time.

Honestly any support, no matter how little, would make a big difference in my workflow and prioritization of the series. You will only be charged when a new episode is released and can opt out at anytime throughout if you decide the series isn't for you anymore. I anticipate there being no more than 14 episodes for the season, perhaps only 10-14, but time will tell as the season progresses.

The show will be hosted on Youtube. Episodes of All Stars 2 Ru-Caps have been geo-blocked in the past, and this is something I sadly cannot anticipate until publishing each episode. If an episode is taken down, you will be provided with a mirror link to watch the series!

This Patreon will be deleted upon completion of the season!

I have setup some backer rewards to say "thank you" for backing the project. Check them out in the sidebar!

'America's Next Drag Superstar' backers will be provided with an alternative mirror link to an early access version of the episode 24 hours prior to Youtube release.

Any remaining Ru-Caps for All Stars 2 are not included in this pledge and you will not be charged upon their release.

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