Chronexia And The Eight Seals - Episode 1: In Memoria

24 Nov 2016 16:34 4,707
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This was the pilot episode for Chronexia and the Eight Seals. Many thanks to each one of you who believed in our project for the last few months. We truly hope you enjoyed this episode and pray to have the chance to continue and learn more.

I've honestly replayed this episode a thousand times, adjusting the levels here, tweaking a frame there, but at some point we have to let it be what it is. We wanted to make this episode a community project, and despite the hardships every one had a blast working on this. We didn't set out this animation to compete with anyone. We made it our own thing and we hope we can continue with the story in the upcoming months. But that depends entirely on the funding we get. This is not even the tip of the iceberg. It's like the snow on top when it winds a lot... you know?

Thank you from the bottom of our heart, if this is the end, this experience was amazing.

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For those still wondering about my accent : i'm French Canadian :) my English is not perfect but it has to do. ^^

Spoilers will be deleted on sight for obvious reasons.


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