*Ariel & Aladdin* "Your Guardian Angel"

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Aladdin: A prince by birth and greatly annoyed to Jafar, who ordered he was throw to the sea.

Under the sea, Ariel wonders what makes a human there, and look more carefully to realize he was not breathing, so I take it to the surface,
Aladdin wakes up and sees Ariel , at that time feels something for her but Ariel decides to leave
Jafar transforms Aladdin in tramp, and locks him in a tower
Aladdin returns to his palace, and accused to Jafar of Being to blame for Could Have died
Ariel finds the magic lamp and make a wish, she ask to be a human being,
soon meets Aladdin, who are not happy with the desire Ariel, explaining that the already married to Jasmine.

Ariel is saddened by the news, while Aladdin asks wish to be a prince again.

Aladdin returns to the palace, and discovers that Jasmine betrayed him with Jafar,
Who puts them in danger, but Aladdin regains his lamp and ask that Jafar to disappear.
at the end manage to be together

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