Laura Cox plays Slash, Knopfler, AC/DC, etc

08 Jan 2011 06:24 4,244
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Official website :
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Hope you like it!

I tried to play some riffs & solos that I love...
using my Epiphone Les Paul Slash Goldtop, Fender John5 Telecaster, Fender Telecaster Baja, and Epiphone G400 vintage (sg)... the bass is an Ibanez sr500bm.
no amp here... only my Line 6 Toneport Ux1 (w/ Gearbox)

-Paradise city
-Sultans of swing
-Master of puppets
-A kind of magic
-one of my own songs (doesn't have a name yet...)

ps: the audio is out of sync sometimes!!! (and I can't fix it... the problem comes from youtube.)
hope it's ok though ;)

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