Retro Sunday (Mario Kart Super Circuit)

27 Feb 2017 18:14 0
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come follow me on there my Twitch name is doctorblockhead

My name is Doctor Blockhead (yer not a real name)
i play game's (love them) though my channel is mostly minecraft (at the moment) i am bringing other game's to the channel on xbox 360, xbox one, ps3, emulators & more it's a channel to have a bit of fun in a bit of a giggle

Come on Blockling's come play on Citadel
IP is

Music from

I'v Partnered with TGN

I record and stream with a program called Xsplit

my new intro by (TheIntroMakerPro)

Twitter :- DoctorBlockhead

Facebook :- Minecraft Doctor Blockhead :- doctorblockhead

Twitch :- doctorblockhead

instagram :- doctorblockhead

Game Tag's

3DS :- Name (Doctor) Friend Code (0104-0599-8687)

Xbox 360 :- AwepicStar

PS3 :- zombiekillerpro1

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