FTO KARATE-DO Bulgaria Tameshiwari Breaking Simeon Goranov

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In July 2014, F.T.O. KARATE-DO Bulgaria presents representative Simeon Goranov Renshi 5th, Dan, performing tameshiwari breaking demonstration in Sofia. Sensei Goranov destroys clay bricks, wooden planks, bottles and stones.

F.T.O. KARATE-DO is a contemporary karate and self-defence educational system for children and adults found in 2003 by George Venkov Kaiso.

It is based on the best of traditional Japanese karate and the contemporary conception of martial arts. Preserving the zeitgeist and traditions in Budo, F.T.O. KARATE-DO is free of dogmas. Unconcealed, independent, and open to all styles and karate enthusiasts' education, it contributes to the social, physical and psychological perfection of the individual.

The slogan of our school is Desire, Exercise, Patience, Character- Success.

Practitioners of F.T.O. KARATE-DO acquire indispensable qualities for modern day life, such as strength, endurance, speed, accuracy, flexibility, agility, balance and concentration.

Only the physically and physiologically well-trained person can meet the challenges of the new age and achieve success in their undertakings.

If you want to be healthy, strong, have endurance and concentration, develop according to your vision and individuality, train with F.T.O. KARATE-DO.

Study F.T.O. KARATE-DO with us and enjoy success.

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