What would you wish to Latvia on it's birthday?

18 Nov 2016 10:23 1
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We made this video project with my friend for 18th of november, which is Independence day of Latvia!

Hope you will enjoy the video.

- I filmed it with Canon 100D and edited in Adobe Premier + Affter Effects! :)

We asked these questions:
➤ What's your name and where are you from?
➤ What do you think about Latvians?
➤ Did you know that Latvias birthday is coming up? What would you wish to all Latvians in that day? (LATVIEŠU valodā)

THANK YOU all who participated in this video, without you, we wouldn't make it! :)

Students are from Denmark, Slovakia, Finland, Canada, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech, Iceland and Spain!

🇩🇰 If you are interested in our student activities in Denmark: 🇩🇰

➤ http://ej.uz/ArturaInsta
➤ http://ej.uz/RalfaInsta

➤ http://ej.uz/ArturaSnap
➤ http://ej.uz/RalfaSnap

Video owners:
Artūrs Aizikovičs
Ralfs Eglītis

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