55 year old Homeless Man carries 2 Masters Degrees ( Maurice Johnson )

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May 6th 2013 - Update on Maurice! More to come: http://dannymcglashing.com/update-on-maurice-the-55-year-old-homeless-man-with-2-masters-degrees/

This video was featured in Time, Huffington Post, The Blaze ..pretty much everywhere.

55 year old Maurice Johnston lives in Boston, by way of Cleveland. He has a Masters Degree in Plasma Physics from Dartmouth College, and a masters in Electrical Engineering and acoustics from Purdue University. He's worked over 10 years at Lockheed Aerospace & Aerodyne Research Corp. Maurice has taught in Science and physics, and took care of both his parents in their time of need. Maurice is very well spoken, (he sounds like Obama) and is very kind, so why is Maurice homeless.....

Maurice is referenced in the Boston Globe here: http://bo.st/16HVUQB

Maurice has an in depth "LinkedIn" profile here: http://linkd.in/lK0bdJ

Maurice' E-mail address is referenced in the video

Hi and Thank You for taking the time to watch this video, my name is Danny McGlashing and I run the 60 Days channel here on YouTube, I work part time as an all around volunteer in my community. I am currently working on 'The Underdog Network' for people like Maurice, check it out at udnet.org

I can be contacted either on twitter @DannyMcGlashing , on Facebook through this link: http://on.fb.me/kxuykS or via e-mail danny@dannymcglashing.com

Thank you for watching this video and please send Maurice all the support you can, preferably a job in his field ;)


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