Anonymous - Pizzagate Investigation Update #OpPizzagate Anonymous Message

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Anonymous - Pizzagate Investigation Update #OpPizzagate
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This is an Update on the first video if you have not seen it I would advise you watch it to understand what Pizzagate is about.

First video:

The people world wide who have been exposing the pedophile rings, sex trafficking rings, human trafficking are being threatened, the investigators, activists are being threatened, the professionals, are being threatened. Their entire families threatened.


Podesta and his brother were in Spain.

AnonymousOP Deatheaters confirmed Podesta and his brother stayed 1.3 miles from the hotel where Mcanns stayed.

An FBI insider confirmed the Intelligence community indicates John and Tony Podesta were in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3rd 2007– the day Madaline McCann vanished.

The Podesta brothers were staying with a friend named “Clem” . Clement Freud, the grandson of psychopathology sex expert Dr. Sigmund Freud, who was known to be a pedophile. This is a quote from our insider: “Of greater interest is that fact that Freud owned a villa in Praia da Luz.”

That girl in the video is not Madeline McCann it matches up to a girl kidnapped by a human sex trafficking ring in Australia and taken to Europe. From Western Australia in 2007. It is believe to be the same ring that took McCann.

She is thought to be Leela McDougall, who went missing in Australia in 2007 or Amanda Adlai, an American who was abducted in Michigan in 2008.

Human trafficking rings, kidnap children from all over the world, many are the same ring with networks in many countries, then those children are quickly taken out of the country


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People of Interest

Alefantis Family - Comet Ping Pong
Podesta Family - Podesta Group
Clinton Family - Clinton Foundation
Nanci Pelosi - Goat Hill Pizza
Bush Family
Jeffrey Epstein
Arun Rao
Rachel Chandler
Anthony Weiner
Huma Abedin
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