How to Shift an 18 Speed Transmission Like a Boss

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This is a newer more detailed version of an earlier, but very popular video on HOW TO SHIFT AN 18 SPEED TRANSMISSION.

Dave explains and goes through the steps of how to drive a big rig. In this case, he's showing the steps on how to shift an 18 speed transmission.
A new driver should not be intimidated by an 18 speed. It's simpler than it sounds. Dave explains and demonstrates how the shifting pattern is implemented, when driving an 18 speed.
There is a demonstration of the synchronization of the foot action (clutching) and the hand action on the shifter..... a skill that comes with time and much practice.
There is also a demonstration of how much pressure is required on the clutch pedal as well. Excessive pressure on the clutch pedal will engage the clutch brake.
ALWAYS use the methodology from your CDL training. Again, this video is just meant to clarify some points for drivers when in doubt post driver training.

More information on shifting an 18 speed transmission.

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