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When it comes to online dating, how do you catch the attention of potential suitors? Does it really boil down to your profile photo and dating preferences?

In this interactive talk at A-Fest about sexuality and relationships, a panel of relationship experts starring Marissa Peer, Esther Perel, and Dan Savage, informs us that there are several personality variables that you need to focus on when dating in the digital age.

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In this video, "Love, Lust & Commitment Discussion" Mindvalley CEO Vishen Lakhiani and relationship experts host an interactive Q & A on modern dating and give valuable relationship tips.

02:52 Mistakes women usually do with their partners
04:20 Stop trying to change things that are not gonna change
08:05 Three doors of entry into sex
10:41 If there would be a new relationship vow like a marriage vow, what would it be?
13:20 How would you deal with someone who is not fully present with you?
15:37 What is the one thing that is a current struggle in relationships and how to resolve them?
19:10 Sex is the glue which makes a relationship really special
22:55 How the spouses became the best friend?
24:46 Is the container in which we're defining relationships today flawed in some way?
30:06 There is only one commitment that is repeated twice in the Bible
34:50 How to deal with the mind?
39:37 Is there a particular exercise or ritual or practice that you think one can integrate their relationship to create a more enjoyable beautiful experience?
44:42 We come on the planet for two needs
46:20 Why sexual compatibility is huge?
52:41 Q/A between Esther Perel, Dan Savage & Marisa Peer
59:12 Closing piece of advice

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Along with having a strong connection, the relationship experts on the panel discussed the importance of couples investing the energy to focus on their sexuality.

By incorporating creativity and romanticism into your marriage or relationship, the panel of relationship experts believe this a sure way to fulfill relationship goals and prevent divorce from happening in the future.

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