Knotless Tree Pulling Kit

17 Dec 2015 07:32 21
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This kit has a lot going for itself vary similar to the fiddle blocks and can be used various ways. Some might find it a bit overkill however this is how you put to use what you have on hand and make it work for yourself. The Petzl Grillion is an unbelievable little device, hence the cost, and when it grabs something it won't let go and its easy to unload. It basically took the place of the prusik knots used in front and rear of the traditional tree pulling kit and although you use a smaller diameter rope the type of leverage you will need on the average tree this rope will pull just as well as a bull rope. As mentioned this kit is on the expensive side and clocks in between $500-600.00 USD which is why I wouldn't recommend using this setup as I am but I will say if it can work for you than by all means handle your business. This is my first tree pulling kit but I either was given some components of this kit or scored (bought) them really cheap. So my total cost was maybe $100.00 or so since I already had most of what I needed sitting around.

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