Stuartpuram Police Station

19 Dec 2014 01:57:30 8
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Inspector Rana Pratap (Chiranjeevi) comes to Stuartpuram, a place well known for thieves of all varieties. He starts reforming each of them, by showing them better ways to live. His real intention is to clean up the entire town, where once upon a time his father was also a thief. His father was trapped by few big-wigs in town into a robbery case, accusing him of stealing ornaments from temple. Unable to bear this insult and torture, his parents commit suicide, and young Ranapratap decides to become a Policeman and clean up the place by pricking out the root causes behind this problem. He is assisted by Vijayashanthi and a girl next door, Nirosha. With their help, Rana Pratap manages to dig the closed ornaments robbery case, and catch the real culprit (Sarath Kumar).

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