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Culture Strong explores how 2 young Sikhs in Australia connect to and preserve their culture through music: Hip Hop and traditional Sikh music. It follows the stories of Sukhdeep Singh (L-FRESH The LION) and Manbir Singh (kirtan teacher) and shows how their stories meet at this juncture in time.

L-FRESH The LION is a professional Hip Hop artist, born and raised in South West Sydney. He shares with us a personal recount of a life-changing moment he had while visiting the Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, Punjab after graduating from high school. He speaks about the identity challenges he faced as a young boy growing up in Australia and how this particular moment changed him. We then learn about how he uses music to connect to his culture and explore his identity.

We also meet Manbir Singh, who is reviving Sikh traditional music through his practice as a musician and a kirtan teacher. He teaches fellow young people how to connect to and practice this lost musical tradition, volunteering his time every weekend to host classes at Glenwood Gurdwara Sahib.

Manbir and L-FRESH bond over conversation, sharing their passion for music and Sikh culture. Culture Strong shows us how music can be used as a tool to build resilience, confidence and hope for the present and future.


Directors: L-FRESH The LION & Erin Moy
Producer: Erin Moy
DOP: Tom Black 
Sound Recordists: Gareth Evans & Stuart Melvey 
Editor: Joey Hunter
Colourist: Tom Black
Music: Music provided by L-FRESH The LION (Elefant Traks and Vienna People Records), and live recording of Manbir Singh and co
Sound Mix: Joey Hunter

Manbir Singh
Sergio Selim

Special thanks to:
YouTube Creators for Change 
Studios 301, Sydney NSW Australia
Akaal Fauj (
Elefant Traks


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