5 things to remember when choosing Erasmus destination

21 Sep 2016 08:08 4
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First full video on this channel. Hopefully it'll help some people with their Erasmus experience.

I've mentioned 5 (and one additional) points that I'd suggest you think about before choosing the place you're going to. They might seem obvious but I do believe some people don't even realise how important those things are until they show up in the new city.

On the technical side - I had a big problem with a tripod, but I'm working on fixing that. So videos will get significantly better, from that angle.

I really wanted to make it shorter but that didn't happen ;). Forms of the videos will change, since I want to experiment and see what works best. So don't get used to how it looks and just COMMENT and give me FEEDBACK. I really do appreciate it.

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