Nessie & Me

18 Oct 2016 01:29:38 2
13 2

When 9-year-old Jamie (introducing Walker Mintz) moves to a beautiful lakeside village with his mother and father (Toni Hudson, Places in the Heart, and Michael Pare, Eddie & the Cruisers), he learns their idealistic down isn't as peaceful as it seems. A greedy mogul (Gerard Pauwels, Gila) is bullying the townspeople to sell their land. But when Jamie befriends and old Sea Captain (John Henry Richardson, Sniper: Special Ops), estranged from his son (Corey Landis, Meet My Valentine), who tells him about the lake's mythical and sweet-natured sea creature named Nessie. Jamie wonders if Nessie is the perfect solution to save the town…if only he can prove she's real.

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