11 Illegal Things You Do Every Day

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There are some strict laws that many of us have no idea about. Here’s a list of 11 illegal things that you're doing pretty much every day.

You might not even realize it, but there are so many things you probably do on a day-to-day basis that are totally illegal. There are some laws that many of us have no idea about, while others know about them but don’t believe they’ll ever get caught. Bright Side has decided to open your eyes to some of the illegal stuff that you're doing pretty much every day.

Downloading torrents 0:31
Connecting to public Wi-Fi 1:27
Selling on eBay without declaring your income 2:26
Using a fake name online 3:16
Streaming TV shows 4:12
Eating before paying in the store 5:05
Using copyrighted content 5:50
Texting while driving 6:50
Recording Skype conversations 8:03
Sharing passwords 8:48
Using social media when you’re underage 9:44

- You can’t legally watch movies without paying for them! And this rule also goes for every single Torrent file. Simply speaking, if the item is copyrighted, and you're not the owner of it, then downloading it for free is 100% against the law.
- If we're talking about public Wi-Fi, you have to have the provider's permission and follow the terms of service to use it legally.
- If you sell on eBay but don’t declare your earnings yourself, eBay will submit Form 1099 and report your income to the IRS.
- Faking your name or ID can send you to prison for 5 to 20 years! Using a fake name is considered “hacking” because you didn't correctly authorize yourself as a computer owner.
- An easy way to find out if you're watching content legally is to see whether or not there are commercials during the video. If there aren’t any, it's more than likely that your blissful little TV-show-binge-watching party of one is breaking the law.
- According to the law, you must pay for everything before you take it from the store, and your “testing” falls into this category as well.
- Most images are subject to copyright, and it is, in fact, illegal to use them anywhere. When it comes to using copyrighted content, you have to know the rules of something called “fair use”.
- Even if you're an experienced driver and have lightning-fast thumbs, it's still better to pull over to type that text message or simply wait until you get to where you’re going before you write and send it. In the USA, texting while driving is strictly prohibited in 41 states.
- According to the law, you can't record any conversation without the other person's consent. In some states the same principle applies to phone calls as well: it's illegal to record them without both parties knowing about it.
- Sharing your Netflix password, for example, is officially illegal. Having a user's permission isn’t enough if you want to share a password; to do that legally, you must have the permission of the site owner as well!
- You’re not supposed to have WhatsApp until you’re 16! Kids these days probably consider this unfair and find ways to sneak around this rule. So it’s not surprising that according to statistics, more than half of children use social media by the age of 10!

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