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A playthrough of Time Warner Interactive's 1995 fighting game for the Sony PlayStation, Primal Rage.

Played through on difficulty level ten as Chaos.

Of course that means you'll be seeing plenty of noxious farts, catching one's own projectile vomit in his mouth, and desecrating opponents remains with hyper-acidic urine.

This was one of those "me too!" fighters of the early/mid 90s, but Atari did try to change things up, and it is different in a number of ways. The control scheme is impossible to figure out without a lot of study and practice, since the special moves are done by holding combinations of buttons and then hitting the d-pad inputs. The graphics are really cool in how it's all done in super-stylish stop-motion animation with miniatures, and the music is typical of loud, overdone 90s arcade music.

This PS1 version certainly pales in comparison to the Saturn port, but then, just about all of the home ports did. It does have the CG intro, but it's missing all of the FMV endings (those are ONLY in the Saturn version), and the graphics are smaller, less colorful, and not as well animated. Oh well. Either way, it's still a very solid, sadly overlooked game that hopefully I can help draw some attention to. Hope you enjoy the video!
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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