Line Magnum Opus Skis - "The Best Ski I've Ever Designed" - Eric Pollard

05 Sep 2014 04:47 34
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After years of development, we’re happy to offer the Magnum Opus for the 2015 winter season. Since 2010, skier & artist Eric Pollard has tested countless iterations to craft what is now known as the Magnum Opus, the best and lightest powder ski.

Find yourself floating freely through the deepest powder, not hindered by unnecessary weight found in other heavier skis of this width category. Paired well with the Early Rise™ and Early Taper™, the Magnum Opus' design keeps effort to a minimum and enjoyment to a maximum!


Cloud Core™
Early Rise™
Early Taper™
Thin Tip™
Symmetric Flex™
Longer Active Edge™
Sintered Base


Waist Width mm: 124
Length cm: 188 cm
Shape mm: 147-124-146
Sidecut m: 17 (188 cm)
Stance mm: -20 Eric's Choice
Weight: 2100g/ski (188)
Profile mm: 12-4-12
(Tip Early Rise-Camber-Tail Early Rise)

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