TOP 20 SHIPS in STORM with Monster Waves and Rough Seas! Cruise ships in crazy weather situations!

12 Sep 2016 06:02 2,951
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A TOP 20 compilation with the largest ships in the world as well as ships in storm with monster waves and in rough seas

A compilation you will enjoy:
- navy ship in extreme ocean storm, heavy wind and waves up to 90ft
- cruise ship in a crazy weather situation
- merchant ships in a storm force 10 with ocean giant waves
- world's largest cruise ship and other luxury criuses in heavy sea
- yacht in a hurricane and typhoon
- ships in big storms and monster waves of the sea
- awesome big ship launches

Are You Ready for the Holidays? Before leaving, if your are going on a cruise ship, you should better think twice! If you are afraid of monster waves maybe this video is not for you, but if you love adventure you will go crazy watching it!


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Some videos have been used under CC license:
- Rough seas near South Georgia: Christopher Taylor (
- Cruise ship goes under Tampa Bay Skyway during Tropical Storm Debby: CapnRehab (
- Video looking out cabin window at 15 ft. plus waves: Kathy (
- Hurricane Spit: Tony Modugno (
- Rock’s Eye View: Don Whitaker (
- Sea Scapes I: AndrewJuhl (
- Gail At Sea / Cruise ship in a storm: The Mikey and Marilyn Show (
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