Mood & Cognition in MS: [What you can do]

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Our understanding of the role that mood and cognition play in a person’s experience of multiple sclerosis has expanded dramatically in recent years. We now understand that both these types of “invisible symptoms” can be a direct result of the disease process, and can change over time.
We also now recognize that while changes in mood and cognitive abilities may not be readily apparent to outside observers, their impact on a person’s life can be profound, affecting physical, social, emotional, occupational and spiritual functioning.
Fortunately, mood changes are among the most treatable symptoms of MS, and the scientific community is making great strides in identifying cognitive impairment and providing new tools for helping people minimize its presence in their lives. With the appropriate strategies and tools in place, people with MS can live their best lives and participate actively in their own care.
Our program this year explores why and how people with MS experience changes in mood and cognitive functioning, and provides the latest information on how these symptoms can be addressed—from physical activity, medications and counseling to self-management strategies. In the video portion of the program, you will hear from clinicians at the forefront of MS research and
treatment discussing the latest advances and recommendations, as well as from individuals who have experienced these symptoms and have lessons to share.

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