Hello my name is: German Graffiti

03 Oct 2017 01:04:18 0
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Graffiti is variegated. As much variety as the styles does have the people doing it. Still one thing connects them all – the love of their art. From illegal street and train graffiti over classical style writing and time-consuming Murals till events, exhibitions, photography and media. Through 15 short profiles you will be introduced to some of the greatest and most outstanding players of the German scene. They give insights into their work and talk about their motivation. Every part represents an important aspect of the scene, while every protagonist was chosen because of its special history, orientation, technique and style. LIFE uses climbing equipment to reach places nobody else can reach. MOSES & TAPS alias INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER gave up their names to evolve new ways to express themselves on trains. Pioneers of German graffiti like LOOMIT with his 3D Style and CANTWO are featured the same like the photorealistic painting artists HENDRIK ECB BEIKIRCH or CASE and the MA‘CLAIM CREW. The photographer RUEDIONE documents graffiti with an artistic picture language using hard contrasts in black and white. The exhibition series PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS is showing a high class selection of artists and works from the graffiti and street art scene while the STROKE ART FAIR is the first trade fair for this kind of art in Germany.

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