a koreaboo cringe compilation

10 Aug 2017 08:43 8,389
58,725 3,657

onionhaseyo chingus!1~ xd dami imnida :)~ here is a small koreaboo cringe compilation juseyo! so get your gasoline and matches ready to light yourself kekek xD~

creds to @koreabootv unnie ~

intro song/outro song : MOBB - full house

lol I'll probably upload a second part like in 5 years juseyo mianhe ;(

attention : a koreaboo is someone who fetishizes the Korean culture and their people, someone who wishes to be Korean and overall attempts to even look Korean. Learning the language, liking the makeup trends, and liking the skincare doesn't make you a koreaboo :) hope everyone doesn't get that messed up.

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