Duronto vs Shatabdi- same sequence MPS show

13 Aug 2017 01:54 6
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A same sequence action of Duronto and Shatabdi Express captured at different time periods but same location.Howrah bound 12246 YPR-HWH Duronto Express powered by SRC WAP4#22500 honks and blasts through Deulti amidst monsonn downpur as a Howrah bound EMU is looped.
The other is that of a white elephant of South Eastern Raiways-12278 Puri Howrah Shatabdi Express.Powered by SRC WAP4#22936 he Shatabdi honks and belts past Deulti while a Howrah bound EMU is looped minutes before its arrival.
Location-Deulti along Howrah Kharagpur section of South Eastern Railways.

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