Barnegat High School Blackout 2015

28 Sep 2015 04:22 1
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Home games mean a lot more to our high school than just a fun tailgate and our love of football. It's a chance for our entire school to be involved in something much bigger than all of us. Not everyone gets along in school, many people might not believe they fit in, but at these games everyone is seen as a Bengal, as one. These games give us the opportunity to be involved with our community all the way, to embrace our school, and to just live in the moment. After only 10 years as a school we turned our small yet diverse town into a whole simply for our passion for the game! There are so many traditions we already have in place that makes it so special to take part in our home games! Home games mean more to our school than most would think. The energy that everyone gives off just creates this atmosphere of life that is so amazing. Without our football team, our community, and our dedicated peers this atmosphere would be lost. Our home games really represent what it's like to be a part of our school- involved, spirited, and proud!
Once a Bengal, always a Bengal!

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