Adobe Hut With Thatched Roof

16 Jan 2018 55:44 1,229
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Adobe is one of the world's earliest building materials and was very commonly used in the southwest United States and throughout Mesoamerica. Adobe bricks are extremely durable and easy to make. This cinematic presentation was shot by me using one Nikon DSLR camera and edited by me in Final Cut Pro into a visually pleasing step-by-step instructional video with unique and closeup videography that brings the viewer into the moment. This video was shot over a four month period beginning in early September at the end of the dry season. Progress was slow due to me having limited free time to work on this project but I was fortunate that there was an unusual delay in the arrival of the rainy season and I finished the roof just a few days before the first big storm of the season. Enjoy this presentation and please like, subscribe and share!

Music credits:
Drums of the Deep by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Lost in the Forest by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions

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