Inflatable Ring Cushions - 66fit

24 Nov 2011 01:28 1
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This informational video shows you what you will receive when purchasing a 66fit Ring Cushion.

Lightweight for easier transport, easy to clean. Ideal for providing pressure relief and sitting comfort and will evenly distribute pressure around the hips

Easily inflated by the mouth, ideal for travelling and very light weight. If will deflate and compact down to a very small size.

General Information:

Easy to clean with a solution of warm water/soap

Light powdering with talc will extend life of the cushion

This product is NOT sterile. DO NOT place in direct contact with open wounds.

Ring Cushions can help provide the relief of:

- Post-natal discomfort

- Post-operative pain

- Haemorrhoids

- Pregnancy pain relief

- Bruised coccyx, fractured coccyx (tail bone) and general coccyx pain

- Hip bursitis

- Prostrate inflammation

- General anal pain

- Lower back pain

- Other painful conditions

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