#museumdrift - get ready for expedition mars

25 Dec 2016 02:28 3
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Drivingcenter Eventseelisberg and Shaba Pictures proudly present the #museumdrift - get ready for expedition mars.

Drifting is one of the most spectacular motorsport discipline. We wanna show you unique storys with drift action in switzerland! Where racetracks are forbidden...

Produced by Shaba Pictures
Filmed by Elmar Bossard and Clemens Jetzler Edited by Elmar Bossard / www.elmarbossard.com

Starring Yves Meyer

Drone by Martin Schumacher / www.air-view.ch

Powered by www.eventseelisberg.ch

Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Pirelli, KW Suspension and HGK Motorsports

More to come...

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