The Knowledge and Use of Mystic Practices - Class 12

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Over the next 12 to 18 weeks I will introduce over 100 mystic techniques that is used for psychic and spiritual development among "Mystics". In these classes we will look at the mystic knowledge behind these techniques and I will give brief demonstration of the techniques with the students present in the class.

The Handouts for the class can be purchased via Gumroad at .

At the end of these class series, we will put together a Book or Manual of these Mystic Practices for Personal, Psychic and Spiritual Development, this manual will be available for purchase from the "International Mystic Knowledge Center Inc.".

The Following is a brief outline of the "137 Mystic Practices" we will go over during this 12 to 18 week class series.

Part 1: Fourteen Brief Points for Understanding the Knowledge behind these Mystic Practices

Part 2: One Hundred and Thirty-Seven (137) Mystic Techniques Described

The first 83 Mystic Practices

• · Four mystic techniques on r Relaxing the Body.
• · Ten Mystic Techniques for Controlling Basic Aspects of Mind.
• · Nine mystic Mudra Yoga Techniques,
• · Eleven Pranayama Techniques,
• · Six Mystic Prayer Techniques
• · Twelve Mystic Techniques of Psychic Visualizations
• · Eight Mystic Techniques for Spiritual Healing
• · Four Mystic Techniques for bring about Degrees for Splitting Man's Consciousness
• · Eighteen Mystic Techniques for Psychic Development

Part 3: Twelve Yogas Techniques Used for Spiritual Development Practices

The Next Mystic Practices from 84 through 95

Part 4: The Eight Limbs of Yoga the Keys Use in All Mystic Practices (A Way of Life)

The Next Mystic Practices from 96 through 103

Part 5: The Mystic Practice of Karma Yoga (Adopting the Divine Laws of Karma into in Daily Life)

The Next Mystic Practices from 104 through 116

Part 6: A Series of Raja Yoga Techniques, which are design to gain control over mental the operations of man's mind as taught By Yogi Ramacharaka

The Next Mystic Practices from 117 through 128

Part 7: The Sacral Techniques of Mantra Sastra (Knowledge)

The Next Mystic Practices from 128 through 137

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