The Child Song (Answer to the Mom Song)

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This is what a child would say to her mother in a 24-hour period. It has been made as a response to Anita Renfroe's Mom Song, to the sound of William Tell Overture. With lyrics.
Let me stay, let me stay in bed a little more
Wait a sec, wait a sec, hey don't slam the door!
Here're my shoes and my clothes, yes, I heard your words,
leave my room, I shall get dressed alone!
I'm not hot, I'm not cold, yes, I'm wearing that.
Here are my books and my lunch, but, what homework, mum?
I'll get mi coat and gloves, not that silly hat
I won't forget I gotta feed the cat.
I know breakfast is very important, you repeat that every single day
I take so many vitamins I'll end up playing in the NBA
I bet having some nice free time will be what I will finally forget
I remember my piano lessons, but again, when d'you want me to play?
Too fast or too slowly, come on mum, you're stressing me
don't make me go back in, otherwise the bus I'll miss.
(I) play outside, (I) don't play rough, (I) never play unfair,
I make thousands of friends and I always share.
Mum, you scare me so much I would never dare,
In a mo' I'll be right up there.
I will soon tidy up the pile on my bed, I'm just saying bye bye to my facebook friends.
Give me one, give me two, give me three more secs,
It'll be done before you might expect.
No way! I won't get off the phone! I'm in the middle of a very important conversation.
What wrong am I doing in the chat? Hey, don't take my ipod, I am listening up.
Well I'm going out with some friends, I don't know where, but that won't take long.
I say thank you, please, excuse, I am welcome everywhere I go.
I'll appreciate your wisdom someday when I'm older and I'm grown,
I can't wait till I'm independent living somewhere on my own.
I'll thank you for the counsel you gave me so willingly,
but right now I'll thank you not to throw your spells at me!
If I keep my mouth closed I may lose my breath,
didn't notice the cold I've just caught today?
For the next half an hour give me just a break,
why this rush! Are we missing a train?
Come on mum, take it easy and let me live,
get a rest, get a nap, don't count to three.
Meanwhile I'll get a shower and watch TV.
But, hey! My brother started it! Why grounded! What's the wrong thing I did?
I get my story straight, I haven't lied not even once today.
And, if all my friends go out tonight, I will go too!
If I've said it once I've said it at least one thousand times before!
I'm acting according to my age, I'm not fifty, haven't you noticed yet?
I look at you when you are talking, can't I walk the way I want?
(There's) a place for every shout, and every shout must me in place!
Stop making up more reasons just to tell me off out loud!
Well I'm going to bed, have a good night mum,
thanks for all the advice, also for the cash. Don't forget I love you.
But- tomorrow please don't do this all again, let's all relax, it's Saturday!
And I do need a reason why, because, because, because, because,
I say so, I say so, I say so, I say so!
I'm the child, the child, the child, the child. The child! Ta-daaaa!

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