Airsoft vs Nerf 5 - Paintball Finale

27 May 2017 22:44 2,061
14,429 1,404

Today BirnyX channel brings you the fifth part of the popular Airsoft vs Nerf series. This part is something like Airsoft vs Nerf vs Paintball. Group of kids find an abandoned building where they want to play with the Nerf guns. But this is a training camp for the airsoft and paintball players. Children are captured by the owner and they have to clean the area and paint the paintball obstacles. Father of Max tries to rescue them but he gets also captured. The Father’s only chance is to ask for help his old airsoft enemy Mitch.
The epic airsoft battle starts when the Father joins the airsoft rescue team and they free the kids. Enjoy airsoft, paintball and nerf skirmish in which lots of paintball bullets, BBs and Nerf darts are shot.

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Airsoft vs Nerf 5 is produced by Johny Deadline Pictures Production.
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