Nuts You’ve Never Had Before!

19 Jun 2018 12:53 13
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What exactly are some nuts you’ve never had before? Have you guys ever tried the Bunya Pine nut?! Yes, it comes in an enormous cone, but no, the nut isn’t giant! Or maybe you’ve heard about the harmful betel nut, which is something that has helped to keep people energized for many years? Find out about these nuts and more in this video!

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Here are nuts that you have probably never eaten before!

10 - Red Walnuts
Most of us know about walnuts. As kids we tried to pick them out of our brownies, because let’s face it, who liked walnuts as a kid?! However, how many of us knew that there was such a thing as a Red Walnut? Supposedly, they’re much sweeter than their walnut cousins and can be used for all the same things. Snack? Check. Snack supplements? Check! Red Walnut oil? Oh yeah. Red Walnut butter? Like I said...anything regular walnuts can do, Red walnuts can do. Maybe even better! Even though it’s an invented plant that looks peculiar, the red walnut isn’t genetically modified. These nuts were first conceived in California in 1991 when researchers from the University of California crossed a regular persian walnut with a English Walnut variety that has a reddish skin. In 1999, the combination was patented! The most common red walnut, the Robert Livermore, apparently tastes like a regular English walnut but it’s bolder and less bitter because of the lower tannin content. This gives these nuts a creamy texture and allows the natural nutty flavor to be more prominent than regular walnuts, making this a nut we definitely want to try! What’s your favorite nut? Also, do us a favor and click on the thumbs up button!

9 - Tiger Nut
I feel like there’s gonna be a ton of jokes about Tiger nuts here. We’re not gonna take the easy route; we’ll let you guys handle that in the comment section!
Soooo, anyways, about these Tiger Nuts. Known scientifically as Cyperus esculentus, we’re glad it’s named the Tiger nut because that just rolls off the tongue much better. Pause. Okay, okay, we’ll stop. For thousands of years, this nut has been used by people all over the world. Prehistoric tools have been discovered with traces of tigernut granules. It makes for a great dried fruit snack that’s supposedly tasty AND nutritious. It also makes a great drink called Tigernut milk, which is pretty popular in The Mediterranean. The earliest records of tiger nuts date back to ancient Egypt, where they were valuable and loved enough to be entombed and discovered with buried Egyptians. It eventually spread into Europe thanks to Arab traders, where it’s still widely eaten. Some scientists even believe that certain pre-human hominids ate this nut as a part of their diet 2 million years ago!

8 - Red Bopple Nut
If you ask us, the name red bopple nut is much better than the official name Hicksbeachia pinnatifolia nut. Red bopple nut as a name is just a much better choice. This nut is found in the subtropical rainforests of Queensland, Australia and parts of new Zealand. While the seeds from the nuts are edible and quite nutritious, they’re overshadowed by its cousin, the Macadamia Nut, which is extremely tasty. The seeds are rarely sold commercially and the trees on which they grow are pretty tough to manage in a garden, both big reasons why you’ve never tried them before.The red bopple nut will only begin to produce nuts after about five to six years of growth! However, the amount of nuts being produced do increase up to a natural limit as the tree ages. Some trees can produce up to around 170 pounds of fruit. It’s important that the nut is eaten or processed while fresh because once the nut is out of the shell, the nut will oxidise rapidly with a deterioration in the taste. The nut has a texture similar to coconut flesh and tastes like a cross between a macadamia and a coconut. Okay, that actually sounds amazing doesn’t it?!

7 - Areca Nut
Also known as a betel nut, the Areca nut is the fruit of the areca palm. Found in parts of East Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Tropical Pacific, it’s also called the Betel Nut because it’s often wrapped in betel leaves. This is a probably a nut you’ve never had, and in the interest of your own health, you should probably keep it that way.

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