An Amazing Landscape (1 of 2)

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An Amazing Landscape Vol.1 : An Amazing Landscape 1 of 2...

East Coast National Scenic Area is located netween the eastern side of Coast Mountain and Pacific Ocean. The specific scenes of mountains and rivers, the primitive tribes, various recreation activties and rich agricucltural and fishing specialties, mutually interlace its charming grace.

These scenic spots, like the rainforests along both sides of the bank of Siouguluan River, Shihtiping, Sansiantai and the coral reef groups in Siaoyeliou, are also considered one of the most precious ecological landscapes in Taiwan.

As to human aspect, Amis Tribe is the largest aboriginal group in the East Coast. Rich and valuable aboriginal culture has remained till now by them.

The prehistoric culture has started since 50 thousand years ago. Every growing phase, including Old Stone Age, New Stone Age, and Iron Age, has left rare and treasuring prehistorical relics.

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