What Really Went Wrong With King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword?

20 May 2017 03:46 492
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King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword's disastrous opening in May 2017 vaulted it to the top of the list of biggest box office bombs of the year, earning a measly 14.7 million dollars in the U.S., against a $175 million budget — plus marketing costs. Yeah: A legendary flop. But director Guy Ritchie knows how to make big, loud, awesome action movies. Charlie Hunnam is a talented actor on-the-rise with all the qualities you could want in a leading man. Jude Law makes a great villain. So, by Merlin's beard, how did The Legend of the Sword go so wrong?

Out of touch | 0:42
TV killed the cinema star | 1:36
Thin gruel | 2:12
Epic fail | 3:03

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