Sorceress: Brand New Street Outlaw Shooting For 300! #SEMA2016 #GearHeadsWorld

23 Nov 2016 07:24 58
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GearHeadsWorld brings you Sorceress. The latest challenger to Street Outlaws such as Big Chief's CrowMod from the 405 or others like Mad Max? Nope. These builders have a different agenda. They are after 300 mph! Top speed runs in the half mile and measured mile have been catching on across the country. Runs on the salt are an annual occurance when conditions prevail. Rod Tschiggfrie and Don Speer build this creation to be the first flex/fuel street machine to crack the 300 mph. barrier. And they are well credentialed. That badass 640 comes from Motec Engine Management. This exotic mill should have the oats to do the job. In fact this ride is so technically involved that it will take another vid to cover the complexity of this application. Watch for it.

"Chuck Fasst" #BaddAzzRidez "No Prep" style" Grudge Racing" is not in the immediate cards for this one.

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This is BaddAzz: "Oregon Sand Outlaws Grudge Race at Albany, 9 - 2017 #GearHeadsWorld VIDEO"

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