Iran: ‘We are standing till the end’ – Iranians react to deadly Tehran attacks

07 Jun 2017 01:34 29
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Iranian citizens reacted to the deadly attacks in the Iranian capital of Tehran, Wednesday, leaving at least 12 people killed and dozens more injured.

SOT, Mehdi Moradi, Iranian citizen (Farsi): "This attack was the most brutal attack that happened in our country and I hope that government could defend of these terrorists and destroy them. And I hope that our people can defend themselves from these attacks and support each other."

SOT, Reza Saeidi, Iranian citizen (Farsi): "These attacks are brutal and they should be punished. Terrorists can't do anything, we are standing till the end and we expect that the government will adopt a more aggressive behavior."

SOT, Javad Razavi, Iranian citizen (Farsi): "I condemn this operation. They should know that we are standing till the end for Islam and our leader."

SOT, Maryam Ghodsi, Iranian citizen (Farsi): "I think we can't answer militarism with militarism as I condemn these terrorist attacks here and I condemn them in the whole world, in Iran or Afghanistan or Europe. In my opinion, I think the most incorrect reaction for terrorist attacks like these is retaliation because it increases insecurity."

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