Django´s Tiger (Django Reinhardt) played by Joscho Stephan, Olli Soikkeli & Stefan Berger

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Exzellente Interpretation der großartigen Gypsy Gitarristen Joscho Stephan und Olli Soikkeli sowie Stefan Berger am Bass bei der Konzertreihe Jazz Club Hannover by Gartenheim. `Django`s Tiger` ist ein Werk des legendären Django Reinhardt.

Perfect interpretation of Django Rheinhardt`s `Django`s Tiger` by Joscho Stephan, Olli Soikkeli & Stefan Berger at Jazz Club Hannover by Gartenheim.

Joscho Stephan

His roots lie in Gipsy Swing music, the style pioneered in the 1930s by the legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Joscho Stephan has not merely absorbed this music, but also interprets it on the highest level and is actively engaged in extending its boundaries. Despite his youth, after four highly acclaimed CDs and a DVD he has played his way into the illustrous circle of the finest Gipsy Swing musicians in the world.

Great jazz musicians such as Paquito de Rivera, James Carter, Charlie Mariano or Grady Tate enthusiastically praised the talented newcomer after performing together.He has toured Australia with top guitarists Martin Taylor and Tommy Emmanuel and has performed with his own bands (trio to quintett) on numerous important European festivals (among others in Slovenia, Italy, France, Poland and the UK).

His concert appearances in New York’s Lincoln Center or the American country capital Nashville were equally well-received, as were his perfomances in the New Yorker jazz shrine Birdland.

Olli Soikkeli

Olli Soikkeli was born in Nurmes, Finland in 1991. Now based in New York City. He started playing guitar at age of 12. After a few years of playing Olli was introduced to the music of great Django Reinhardt and Gypsy Jazz has been Ollis main focus ever since. Soon Olli was playing in jazz clubs and festivals all around Finland.

Despite his young age he’s already played with stars such as Bucky Pizzarelli, Stochelo Rosenberg, Tommy Emmanuel, Andreas Öberg, Cyrille Aimee, Anat Cohen, Antti Sarpila and Marian Petrescu.

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