Game of Thrones - My favourite moments of S7EP1

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100k views?! I can't believe it, thank you all so much for watching!
[I'm going to be doing one of these for each episode so if you enjoyed please subscribe!] Did you guys enjoy the first episode? I loved it! Here are my top moments & there are more details below! These are in no particular order & careful for spoilers for all of episode one!

1. I love Jaime but Euron trolling him is hilarious & made me actually laugh out loud.

2. The Hound burying the dead father & daughter that he and Arya met in season four (?) was really sweet & a nice touch to show his slight redemption arc.

3. I got so hyped when Bran arrived at the Wall and he got to met Dolorous Edd. Idk why Edd even asked if they were wildlings or if they were lying, JON LITERALLY LET ALL THE WILDLINGS THROUGH THE WALL ALREADY.

4. Sansa SASSING Littlefinger was amazing, just amazing.

5. Lyanna being a boss bitch as usual, loved what little we saw of her in this episode & can't wait for what she does next!

6. Arya and the ED SHEERAN CAMEO. I love Ed Sheeran and his appearance was a really nice touch, even though he's a Lannister soldier lmao.

7. Jon being like wtf?? When Sansa compares him to Joffrey, at least she sees sense in the end.

8. THAT JUMP SCARE!! Excuse me?! & I'm pretty sure that's Jorah lol

9.Jon & Sansa talking about Ned :'( I still miss Ned and it's been so many years :(((((((

10. Sam stealing keys to get books made me think of Maester Aemon, I miss that guy.

11. Sansa & Jon talking about Ned & Robb again & seeing some of that conflict, this seen really got to me.

12. I really don't like Daenerys but her returning to Dragonstone (the ancestral home of her family) was really profound.

13. Sansa talking about Cersei & admitting that she learnt a lot from her was really cool.

14. Arya laughing with the Lannister soldiers and that little look at the end "you guys have no idea lmao".

15. Brienne & Pod fighting & Tormund being weird af was sooo funny.

16. Daenerys literally only said three words and I was captivated by her.

17. Brienne & Sansa talking about Littlefinger, & Sansa admitting that she knows what he wants. If feel like Brienne knows that Littlefinger wants to GET with Sansa & now she knows that Sansa knows and isn't freaked out by it.

18. AND THE BEST MOMENT SINCE JON & SANSA WERE REUNITED!! I hate the Freys soooo much and now they're all dead, minus a couple to tell the story of what happens when you mess with the north and when more importantly, what happens when you fuck with a Stark. BOOOOOOM!

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