Central American Food - 4 Dishes To Try in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 (Americans Try Costa Rican Food)

14 Nov 2016 08:52 179
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We're in the town of Cahuita, Costa Rica 🇨🇷 and we're trying some of the most popular dishes from the country! Costa Rica is a country known for rich culture and diverse landscape. It's also got some amazing food! We've been dying to give these dishes a try.

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Here are the dishes we ate and what we paid for them...

Gallo Pinto from Soda Kawe $4.50
Ensalada de Frutas from Cafe Cahuita $2.75
Coconut from street vendor at entrance of Cahuita National Park $1
Patacones with bean dip from Rincon de Sandra $2.75
Casado con pollo from Rincon de Sandra $6.50

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