Ultraman Geed: DX Geed Riser & Ultra Zero Eye Neo Review from HobbyLink Japan

15 Sep 2017 22:17 742
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You go! I go! Here we go! Fusion Rise!
Using the powers of two Ultraman warriors via the Ultra Capsules, Riku can transform into Ultraman Geed!

Insert two Ultra Capsules or Kaiju Capsules into the Loading Knuckle, slide the Geed Riser along the Loading Knuckle's rail, pull the trigger, and transform!

Using the Ultraman and Ultraman Belial Ultra Capsules, the user can transform into Ultraman Geed Primitive.

Using the Red King and Gomora Kaiju Capsules, the user can begin a Belial Monster Summon of Skull Gomora!

Credit, Thanks to:

http://www.bensound.com for the music.

♩♫ Epic Music ♪♬ - Rapture (Copyright and Royalty Free)

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