OpenBoR games: Streets of Rage Zombies 2 (still DEMO) playthrough

17 Nov 2016 53:35 5
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WARNING: This playthrough contains gore and nudity.

I am playing the updated version of suhmai's (aka antyguf's) Streets of Rage Zombies 2. It has got more stages and bosses.

The first mode is supposed to be a route from the first Streets of Rage Zombies, but with the weapons and some additions.

The second one is with the corrupt cops and it has got two new bosses: Big Ben and R.Bear.

The third one is with the villains from the horror movies. Besides Craniac from a cartoon Extreme Ghostbusters there is also Pennywise from IT. Sometimes I think Freddy Krueger should be a one to be a Souther edit instead of Pennywise.

And the last one is something similar to Streets of Rage Russia. The greedy priests, the cloppers (perhaps) or something like that. Also, do you remember Ash's stage from the new Streets of Rage Russia? We have got a kind of an upgraded one with more enemies. I mean, the goons, who wear the BDSM costumes or something like that.

Sometimes I think this OpenBoR game needs more playable characters.

If you want to download it, please follow this game's author's YT channel.

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