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DaveControlLive recounts the tale of the Grand Tomes and why you must and collect all the things in this platformer revival by Rare!
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Written by Gainesaurus:

Animated by NeroGeist:

Voiced by DaveControlLive:


Long ago, a group of writers penned the Grand Tomes, large books that could transport readers to other worlds, but an unknown fate cursed them to wander these worlds as the enigmatic and colorful Ghost Writers.

Over time, many enjoyed the simple pleasure of reading books and the greedy Capital B saw dollar signs. Paying the maniacal Dr. Quack to steal Dr. Puzz's research, they developed the Novelizer 64, an invention totally-not-a-metaphor-for-anything-in-the-real-world that absorbs all books and monopolizes the reading market. Capital B then locked the Grand Tomes in his Hivory Tower, but still one book remained. This one book had the power to rewrite the universe, but one hundred of its pages, called Pagies, escaped the brutish booknapping.

That brings us to Yooka and Laylee, a calm chameleon and a crazy bat. At Bat Ship Crazy, their home in Shipwreck Creek, they just discovered... you guessed it... an old, shredded book. Together, Yooka and Laylee will travel to Tribalstack Tropics and Glitterglaze Glacier with friends like Rextro Sixtyfourus and (not safe for work) Trowser the Snake. Collect Pagies and Ghost Writers and who cares! Just kick back and remember a simpler time when pun names were charming.

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