How to Pass a Lie Detector Test and Prepare for It

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How to Deal with a Polygraph Test. These days, you can’t be 100% sure you’ll never have to take a lie detector test so it’s better to prepare yourself for it to know what to do and be safe. This type of testing is often used by big corporations when considering applicants for a certain job or doing internal investigations on staff. The police, military, private investigators, security agencies, and intelligence services also use the polygraph to get truthful answers out of people.

How does a polygraph work? 1:31
How to prepare for a polygraph test:
Be physically ready. 3:52
Let yourself feel nervous. 4:37
Try not to lie about details. 6:15
Don't rush it. 7:22
Imagine something pleasant. 8:45
Don't use any physical tricks. 9:21
What to do after the polygraph test? 10:26
Bonus: when should you not take a polygraph test? 10:57

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-A polygraph can't really detect the lie itself. It only captures physiological changes that occur in the body when a person is lying. These changes can include a fast pulse, sweating, unusual breathing, and high blood pressure.
-Get ready 24 hours before the test so that your body is in tip-top shape. Don't skip any meals before the test. Take your usual medicines. Remember comfort is key.
-The results of people who feel anxious while answering each question turn out to be the most accurate according to statistics.
-Examinees are too worried about being asked trap-questions while taking the test since they’re convinced that that's what they should actually be careful about.
-Listen to each question till the end, try to understand it, and take your time with the answer.
-Go to your happy place so that you feel more relaxed during the test.
-A polygraph is capable of distinguishing a deceptive reaction to physical pain, and examiners often ask people to take their shoes off since they’re all-too familiar with popular ploys.
-After you’ve taken the test, a post-test interview will await you. A reviewer will come to the room to discuss your results.
-You should NOT take a polygraph test if you have heart disease, are pregnant, have a respiratory illness, are epileptic, or suffer from general pain.

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