Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct LIVE REACTION!

08 Aug 2018 52:54 349
2,446 79

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General Rules/Guidelines:
- Please don't get upset if I don't read your comment in the chat, I average 40-80 messages a minute so it's impossible to see them all and respond to every comment.
- All donations go towards improving the quality of this channel (New equipment/better computer parts)
- I appreciate you suggesting to play certain games during the stream, but please don't demand me to change what I'm playing. If you don't want to watch the game, then just leave. Under most circumstances, I'm only going to stream one game per stream since I archive them as videos later on.
- Don't be a jerk or the mods will ban you!
- Have fun! My streams are usually very chill but sometimes get quite heated, I hope you enjoy watching :)

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