5 Inventions That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

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5 Inventions That Will BLOW YOUR MIND. New amazing inventions, cool gadgets, futuristic new technology, and things you didn't know exist. Mind blow!


Flex-Eboard: https://goo.gl/RMRd2X
Digitsole Smartshoe: https://goo.gl/AOHB7t
Flic: https://goo.gl/ZBvtt9
Cosmo Connected: https://goo.gl/PiZsoE
Megasus Horserunners: https://goo.gl/BTV7DP


1. Flex-Eboard Rough Stuff Electric Longboard. The Flex-Eboard is an Electric Longboard with Interchangeable Rough Stuff Wheels and a Fully Flexible Deck for the Smoothest Ride.
2. Digitsole Smartshoe: The World's First Intelligent Sneaker. The first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.
3. Flic: The Wireless Smart Button. The wireless button that creates a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone.
4. Cosmo Connected: Convert Any Helmet Into A Smart Helmet. A detachable rear brake light helmet accessory with emergency responder alerts to improve the physical safety of riders.
5. Megasus Horserunners: For horses and horse lovers. World’s first CLIPPABLE RUNNERS for HORSES, using our patent pending Mega-Lock Fastener Technology.

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